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Sea buckthorn helps with anti-astmathic, anti-diabetic, anti-oxidant, lowering blood pressure

Sea buckthorn

Sea buckthorn is a medium-sized, hardy, deciduous shrub that grows 2-6 m (6-20 feet) in height. It is found along riversides, in mountainous areas, and in sandy and gravel ground at elevations of 3,300 to 4,500 m (10.000-15000 feet). The bark is thick and rough.
Sea buckthorn has an impressive nutritional profile that indirectly heals and fortifies the entire body. With 14 essential vitamins, omega’s 3, 6, 9, the rare omega 7, super charged anti oxidants, hundreds of other nutrients, and anti-inflammation properties; Sea buckthorn is THE supplement to be taking. It’s as if one combined fish oil with a multi vitamin/mineral all from one fruit. It’s just a super fruit with almost everything the body needs!

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