Bitter Milkwort

(latin: Polygala Amara L.)

Popular names:



Bitter milkwort has a simple stem, 4-6 inches high, and terminal racemes of blue, sometimes rose-colored or white, flowers which appear from April to June. The fruit is a capsule, sometimes winged. The parts used are the flowering plants and roots.

Health benefits:

anti-astmathic bitter tonic diaphoretic diuretic expectorant

Medicinal uses:

It is used internally as tea or decoction in the treatment of coughs, chronic bronchitis, and other chronic lung problems. It is also used Nursing mothers may increase milk flow using bitter milkwort.

This page is for informational purposes. It may rely on scientific studies but it isn't scientific as a whole. Do not use any treatment before consulting a phisician; if you do use any herbal plants don't over abuse them (even water in large quantities is bad for the body). Extra precaution during pregnancy and breastfeeding !