(latin: Arctium Lappa)

Popular names:

Beggar's Button, Sticky Bob, Clot-Bur, Love Leaves.


The plant grows up to 2 meters in height. It has a single stem divided at the top, and dark-green leaves. The lower leaves are very large, on long, solid foot-stalks, furrowed above and heart-shaped. The upper leaves are much smaller, more egg-shaped in form. The flowers are purple, rounded with hooked spines. The parts used are fresh or dried roots, fruits and seeds.

Health benefits:

anti-septic carminative cholagogue diuretic hypo-glycemic

Medicinal uses:

Burdock is considered to be “blood purifier”, diuretic and diaphoretic. It is also used in the treatement of various skin conditions (acne, psoriasis, eczema) and rheumatism. Burdock root extract also shows mild antibiotic and cholagogic properties. It has strong detoxification abilities and a mild laxative action, therefore being helpful in treatments of flatulence and indigestion. Burdock seeds in forms of tea can be used in treatment of sore throat, tonsillitis, colds and coughs. Burdock root oil extract is used for scalp conditions (dandruff and hair loss). It improves hair strength, recovering its vitality and shine.

This page is for informational purposes. It may rely on scientific studies but it isn't scientific as a whole. Do not use any treatment before consulting a phisician; if you do use any herbal plants don't over abuse them (even water in large quantities is bad for the body). Extra precaution during pregnancy and breastfeeding !