(latin: Centaurea cyanus)

Popular names:

Bachelor's button, Garden cornflower, Bluebottle, Boutonniere flower, Hurtsickle or Cyani flower


It is an annual plant growing to 40-90 cm (16-35 inches) tall. The flowers are most commonly an intense blue colour, produced in flowerheads (capitula) 1.5–3 cm diameter, with a ring of a few large, spreading ray florets surrounding a central cluster of disc florets. The part that is used is the flower.

Health benefits:

anti-poison eye-treatment scalp

Medicinal uses:

It is a remedy against the poison of the Scorpion, and resists all venoms and poisons. A water distilled from the petals was formerly in repute as a remedy for weak eyes. Cornflower is frequently added to shampoos or the infusion is used in the form of a hair wash to facilitate in treatment of eczema of the scalp.

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