Lady’s Mantle

(latin: Alchemilla Vulgaris)

Popular names:

Bear's Foot, Nine Hooks


The plant grows up to 50 cm, has finely toothed kidney-shaped green leaves and dense clusters of small yellow-green flowers. The parts used are the aerial parts, cut and dried, while the plant is flowering.

Health benefits:

anti-diarrheal astringent depurative emmenagogue

Medicinal uses:

It is used internally, as tea, for excessive or irregular menstruation, as well as menopausal problems. It is also useful in cases of mild diarrhea. It is used externally in skin washes, to treat burns, sores and septic wounds.

This page is for informational purposes. It may rely on scientific studies but it isn't scientific as a whole. Do not use any treatment before consulting a phisician; if you do use any herbal plants don't over abuse them (even water in large quantities is bad for the body). Extra precaution during pregnancy and breastfeeding !